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TLC Trapping - We Remove Racoons

Raccoons and opossum are the most commonly trapped animals in South Florida. Cute and fun to observe, raccoons and opossum’s shred duct work, contaminate insulation, chew wires, and defecate in pools. They are also known to host many parasites, fleas, ticks, and lice. Though rare, raccoons can carry rabies, and if fed can become fearless and sometimes aggressive towards humans. We safely and humanely remove the animals from residential and commercial properties using traps. Animals are then relocated back into their natural habitat.

TLC Trapping - We Remove Invasive Iguanas

This invasive species is not native to Florida. The reptile has been blamed in recent years for causing damage to buildings, eating and destroying expensive landscape, and even power outages! State wildlife experts say iguanas can also transmit salmonella to pets and cause erosion near lakes and canals.

TLC Trapping - We Remove Invasive Species and Restore Property
There are over 200 diseases associated with rats, including asthma, lung disease and the Hantavirus transmitted to humans through rodent droppings. Rodents consistently dribble urine, shed hair, and leave droppings around attics and nesting places. Disease is spread by contact with the spores that emit from the breaking down of the droppings and can cause serious illness.
TLC Trapping - We Remove Opossums
Attic Restoration

If you see or suspect any damages from rodents, call us immediately so we can run an inspection and renew the structure to a healthy and disease-free environment. Rodents will nest, breed in, and contaminate everything they come in contact with. We will locate the nest and disinfect the area with a hospital grade disinfectant to kill all disease on contact. We will then use a HepaMicron vacuum to extract the damage and filter the air to prevent contaminants from re-entering the environment. After cleaning the attic, we will apply a hospital grade, nontoxic disinfectant, and odor enzyme to the affected areas.

TLC Trapping - Pest Control Commercial and Residential
Pest control Commercial and Residential

Although living in Sunny South Florida has its benefits unfortunately it does come with its share of pests. Our residential and commercial pest control program takes care of all household pests such as ants, mosquitoes, roaches, fleas, bee removal, etc. Whether you are a homeowner, or a purchasing department manager give us a call for a free estimate!

TLC Trapping - We Remove Invasive Iguanas

Complete Removal of all Nuisance Wildlife

We are a local removal service providing homeowners and businesses with affordable, effective nuisance wildlife pest control, removal, and control services using humane wildlife control methods.
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Making Your Home or Business Safe Again

Humane Wildlife Control
Our wildlife removal procedures are pet-friendly and humane, always!
Affordable Costs
Our animal control services are priced competitively. Call for a free estimate.
Effective Removal

We remove all problem animals or insects and make your home right again.

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